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Trying Aromatherapy with Lava Rock Diffuser

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Whether you’ve tried aromatherapy or have any idea what or how a lava rock can be used to diffuse essential oils, I’m going to share why you may want to and easy ways to get started.

I want a thriving life and not just one where I’m surviving my PTSD, depression, or anxiety. Adding essential oil to a piece of lava rock you’re wearing or which is near you can instantly benefit you!

With my customizable pendants, you choose how to cherish it the most, and can alternate between wearing to displaying! Having the freedom to choose anything in life for yourself is liberating, do you agree?

When choosing which scent to use, not scents can effect us differently and the benefits listed are those found true most often.

  • Lavender is calming, I add to my lava rock and take a few moments to breath deeply, to ground myself and reassure myself.
  • Citrus (lime, lemon, or orange) helps me if my appetite feels suppressed / having tummy issues.
  • Peppermint helps with headaches, nausea, stomach aches (do not ingest unless you’re ingestible quality), and if you need to wake up!

You can now customize your own lava rock pendant!

Choose whether you want a lava rock necklace, keychain, sun catcher, or decoration by creating your own pendant!

NEW 20mm Lava Rock Options

Heart Shaped Volcanic Rock Color Lava Beads Essential Oil image 5
Heart Shaped 20mm Lava Rock
Beadnova Lava Stone Volcanic Rock Round Loose Beads Healing image 9
20mm Lava Rock
Star Shaped 20mm Lava Rock
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Do you use aromatherapy in your life? If so, which ones and why?

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  1. I love having a lava rock on my jewelry so I can add essential oil. I have sensitive skin and cant wear perfume so a lava rock with essential oil is a great alternative. My go to scents are lavender, citrus, and mint.

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