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My name is Sarah Allison and I am the creator of 1 Of A Kind Mind! I have been creating jewelry for nearly twenty years now after falling in love with Turquoise and crystals on a trip out West with my Grams. I love sharing my passion with other’s, making their dream piece come to life, and creating something they with cherish. In 2019 I entered into the world of Fandoms! Designing a pendant to represent a beloved show, character, or film is a unique way to express love for a fandom.

Sarah Allison, creator of 1 Of A Kind Mind
Sarah Allison in Florence, Italy

Firstly, it means the world to make sure your future treasure is exactly to your hearts liking. If you have any questions, then email me or reach out on social media for answers.

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May you be happy, healthy, and stay safe. xx Sarah Allison


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